Real Estate Indexes with
Foreign Exchange Expertise

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About our business

What is Immotech?


Immotech offers the opportunity to invest into the Immotech indexes that are diversified by both region and sector.


Immotech combines real estate investment and currency hedging to allow investors to take advantage of currency fluctuations to optimise investment decisions and timing.


We combine investment in the most secure, well-regulated companies with the latest in AI technology to create the lowest-risk and most secure investment product possible.


All securities for each client are held in segregated accounts.


Real time online account access for performance reporting.


Transparent fee schedule for private and institutional clients.

our investment


  • Immotech Indexes across four markets—the United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia.
  • A total market cap of more than 1 trillion USD.
  • Our investments are in the most liquid and well-regulated companies.

How to invest in Immotech


Valuation Reporting


Valuation Reporting


Interactive Brokers
London, United Kingdom
Toronto Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Sydney Stock Exchange
Frankfurt Stock Exchange

100,000 USD minimum investment

Who are we?

For over 50 years, the Homburg International Group developed multi-billion dollar real estate portfolios and partnerships in Canada, the United States, Australia and the European market.

The Homburg Institute leverages this experience to enhance the practice of Real Estate investing around the world. We continuously deliver original research in the area of Real Estate investments, including in specific jurisdictions. We are able to leverage the experience of more than 70 experts in the field of Real Estate and in more than 10 countries.

Modelomni is an FCA regulated (FCA Registration Number: 941104) FinTech Technology Lab in London, UK, specialised in developing sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Trading Models for Financial Institutions and Market Professionals.

Modelmoni are specialists in Foreign Exchange Risk Mitigation technologies and Alpha generating Artificial Intelligence trading solutions.

Key Technologies:
ML | Deep Learning / Neural Networks | Evolutionary Algorithms | Predictive Algorithms | Image Recognition